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Step into nature!

Immerse yourself in the natural, unspoiled splendour of the Stirling Ranges. Breath the fresh air, hear the calls of the wild, see and touch lush and often unique trees, plants and blooms. All of this is yours to discover and experience!
Take yourself or take a tour...

By Vehicle...

Mountains of Mystery Drive

Set off west in the morning and fill your day with a 115 kilometre spectacular drive filled with enthralling views. Reverse the drive in the afternoon so the sun is behind you.
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By Foot


Two low incline walks of around 2 hours duration. More information on walks is available by visiting our Information page and clicking on the Explore tab.
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By Tour

Tours - Hidden Treasures Orchid and Wildflower Tour

See what may take a life time in 3 hours! The tour changes daily depending on where the flowers are to be found.
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Dates: From August 16 to October 30.
Bus: Seats 12.
Departs: 9:00 am.
Participants: One (1) to twelve (12) persons.
Cost: $49.00 per person.
Refreshments: Choices of tea, coffee, hot chocolate and ANZAC biscuits.
Terrain: Mostly flat.
Distance Travelled: Thirty five (35) kilometres through the national park.
Includes walks to discover seasonal wildflowers and well camouflaged orchids, which can be hidden under bushes.
Queen of Sheba orchids (Thelymitra speciosa and T. variegata) flower from mid- August to early September and show only on warm sunny days.
The mountain bell, Darwinia lejostyla is one of Stirling Range National Park's endemic species, it is found only above the 300 metre contour level.
An Orchid list and a Wildflower book are included at no extra cost.

Tours - Hidden Treasures Dawn and Dusk Bird Walks

From the last Saturday in August through to the last Saturday in October, the one and a half hour, Hidden Treasures Bird Walks depart from Stirling Range Retreat's office daily at 8am and 3pm. Binoculars can be provided on request.
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More than 100 bird species have been recorded for Stirling Range Retreat, including the rare Crested Shrike-tit and Carnaby's Black-cockatoo. Bush birds show off their stunning breeding plumage in spring, and the conserved environment in both the Retreat and the adjacent Stirling Range National Park provide habitat and nesting sites for a large variety of species.
Walks are led by volunteer BirdLife Australia leaders, who with Stirling Range Retreat donate one hundred percent of the tariff for all bird activities to BirdLife Australia WA to help preserve habitat for threatened species. The Hidden Treasures Bird Walks are limited to eight participants.
Cost: $20.00 per person.