Ridge Walk

The Stirling Ridge Walk

Maximum Altitude: 1095m    Length of track: 28.8kms circuit from Bluff Knoll to Ellen Peak, returning via North east track to Bluff Knoll Road. Reference map DOLA 1:15,000 "Eastern Stilrings."    Hiking time: 2-4 days    Difficulty: extreme

The Stirling Ridge Walk. Ellen Peak from Bluff Knoll Rated one of Australia's most challenging wilderness hikes the Stirling Ridge Walk covers the 15.5 km between Bluff Knoll and Ellen Peak. Recommended for experienced, well prepared, fit and agile hikers due to it's rugged nature, changeable weather conditions and lack of water sources. Hikers can start the walk from either end.

This is the only hike in WA with alpine weather conditions. It involves narrow ledges, very steep ascents and descents and much scrambling over jagged rocks and through sharp bush. Violent weather change including very strong gusty wind, hail, whiteout, sleet or snow can occur with little notice. It usually involves a two night bivouac, which may be in these conditions, so walkers must be appropriately equipped. The trail is easy to lose, and a compass course may be necessary. Visit www.stirlingrange.com.au and click on Stirling Ridge Experiences for previous hikers impressions. AT Morphet’s book, “Mountain Walks in the Stirling Range, Part 2,” now out of print, describes the Stirling Ridge Walk in great detail. Hikers must register with the DPaW Ranger phone 08 9827 9278.
Note: Next G Telstra mobile phones work well here.
The Retreat offers a shuttle to and from the mountains. Advance bookings are essential, to ensure driver availability. Ph 08 9827 9229.
Note: The DPaW charges an entry fee of $5.50 per person, for each hiker using Bluff Knoll Rd. This is added to the shuttle tariff.

Camping in a cave on the Stirling Ridge Walk All hikers should ensure that they carry enough water as opportunities to refill along the walk are absolutely unreliable. There is a water barrel on the Three Arrows, roughly halfway along the route, but this must not be relied on. Once the walk is completed hikers should be sure to sign out of the log books.

Clouds cascading over the Stirling Ridge Walk The Stirling Ridge Walk is one of Western Australia's most magnificent and challenging hikes, completing it will leave you with memories to last a lifetime!